Mammon is the lord of Minauros, the Third Layer of Hell, and he was able to retain this position after the Reckoning of Hell. In keeping with the traditional use of the name in literature, he is portrayed as a personification of greed and lust. He also has a well-earned reputation for duplicity.

A constant, oily rain pelts down on Minauros, pounding its black soil into a series of mud flats, swamps, mires, and cesspools. From these bubbling, unclean waters issue various stomach-turning stenches, each more foul than the last. The skies roil with drooping, fecund clouds ranging in color from slate gray to putrid indigo.

Most of the layer is a vast dismal marsh of foul rotting soil, littered with carrion and pools of water. Through murky fog, one often encounters numerous carcasses soaking up the filthy rain. Another horrid feature of these lands are “cells.” These are large shallow pits, filled to a depth of two or three feet with water. Chains and manacles of brass and iron are attached to huge stones laying at the bottom of the cells, where intruders and others captured by Mammon’s barbed devil sentinels will be kept. The chained prisoners are forced to stand or sit in the chill, fetid water until they die from exposure or starvation, unless they are taken away for for torture or interrogation first. Fortunate prisoners escape, though occasionally the barbed devils will allow a prisoner to escape in order to hunt it for sport.

Muddy conditions cut ground movement rates by one-half to two-thirds, and the high winds and rain slow fl ight speeds by one-half. However, devils of greater or higher rank that are native to Minauros have suffi cient practice operating in these conditions to retain their normal land and air speeds.

The huge stone city of Minauros the Sinking can be found sitting in in the center. The city is constructed of a black stone gleaned from another plane, perhaps a world on the Prime Material, and rests on mighty pillars that eternally sink into the foul bog that fills the layer.
Below the city are said to be the ruins of a town that once resided in the Outlands, a town filled with riches beyond dreaming. Hanging in the sky over the stink of Minauros can be found the city of Jangling Hiter, suspended by chains suspended from who knows what.


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