Before the Reckoning, Mammon was allied with Mephistopheles and Dispater. As soon as the rebellion was over, however, he was quick to betray his erstwhile allies in order to save his own skin, and no archdevil trusts him now.
Some rumors have it that since her ascension to greater power, Glasya has rekindled her affair with her former lover Mammon. Others say that Glasya despises Mammon for failing to fight for her; both rumors could easily be true.


Mammon took on a new form after the Reckoning. His prior appearance as a bloated pit fiend was replaced by that of a giant serpent with a humanoid torso and head. According to A Guide to Hell, Mammon took this form to symbolize to Asmodeus that he had become a “new devil”; according to the Book of Vile Darkness, Asmodeus bestowed this form on him, either to punish him or as a sign that Mammon had changed his traitorous ways. Mammon’s new form resembles that of Geryon, and is possibly intended as a final insult to the forgotten former lord of Stygia. Asmodeus ended the relationship between Mammon and his consort Glasya, the daughter of Asmodeus and Bensozia. Asmodeus put Glasya in charge of the Erinyes, and since the Reckoning she has collaborated with the Dark Eight in that capacity.


The following beings are among the most notable subjects of Mammon. The forces at their disposal are listed, where appropriate:

Mammon, as depicted in Monster Manual II (1983).
Bael – 66 companies of barbed devils (MM2).
Caarcrinolaas – 36 companies of barbed devils (DR75).
The Flametongue – Lord Mammon’s unique hell hounds. There are at least 30 of them.
Focalor – Seneschal (DR75).
Glwa – Chief Consort (FCII, DR75).
Melchon – 18 companies of erinyes (DR75).
Morsch – Commander of Mammon’s armies (FoE, page 30).
Zbavra the Witch-Queen – Former cleric/sorcerer of Hextor who is now a disciple of Mammon. She is the only mortal known to have won a position in Hell.
Mammon’s army, known as the Gleaming Guard, is made up mostly of bone devils and barbed devils, commanded by the insectoid ice devils. Much of their armor has been stolen from angels and corrupted to diabolic purposes.


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